148-365. fly me to the moon

he's pissed because i told him i wanted a picture of this. it's his spaceship. made from....pillows. i never had an imagination like that.


147-365. pirates

today i painted. it's a pirates of the carribean cake.


146-365. travie mccoy/anastasia

staci and i in line at the myspace secret show: travie mccoy! i can't call him travie though, that's so weird. traviS.

this chick and i have been friends since i was a KID!!! and it's still so funny to me that hanson is what brought us together...it's just hilarious. but yet another thing i gotta give hanson props for! i get the best friends out of em! love ya lady!!


145-365. back to life

seriously so cute. we put pigtails in her hair. she's 5 1/2 months old...she should not have this much hair! i love banana!!!


144-365. mary poppins

at the disneyland hotel. last day in anaheim...it's always sad. like you're leaving family you don't get to see often. it's always sad.


143-365. perfect/captain eo

about to watch captain eo at disneyland for the first time. he fought with his pops about how his glasses should be put on. upside down was decided.


140-365. just keep swimming

camryn: nella, how come you don't put your whole body inside the water?
me: because i have clothes on, kid.
camryn: well take them off!
me: that's illegal, kid.
camryn: i don't know what that means ::swims away::


139-365. naptime = stoked about hair

this is what happened to banana's hair after nap time. it was legitimately stuck like that.


138-365. sisters

we're such dorks. we went to a little show in brentwood for mother's day


137-365. grandpa

went to kick it with my gramps and my aunt kimiko the other day! i love them!!


136-365. alice

please note the cheshire cat nail polish. again, out of order...but wanted these documented since they were a part of my year :)


135-365. mother's day

posting my mother's day one...not in order. oops. painted this for my mom. she used to say "never fear. mommy is here." so my sister wrote that on the back and we all signed it. i don't like it. at all. lol


134-365. dressing room

in the dressing room at old navy...lookin like friggin randy jackson.

tried that dress on first and hated it! hated the cardi as well, but loved it at the same time


133-365. em eye cee

every kid has mickey mouse gear on. that's the way it should be, in my eyes.


132-365. polandroid

to rotate or not to rotate. that was the question.


131-365. this land is your land

trying out a new effect. so glad i got this shot!

taken in commerce, california en route to disneyland :)



sometimes when savannah georgia sleeps, she grabs my toms shoes necklace.



128-365. memories

camp pendleton california


127-365. feeties

savannah has discovered her feets!


125-365. after

why is a raven like a writing desk?

are you my friend on fb? the cake has stuff all sides. add me if you'd like to see!  :)

credit to Leslie Freitas for the pic!!!


121-365. supplies

it took like an hour to color all of these! i think i counted 8.