031-365. last day

can't take credit for this one. i was making a rubicks cube cake. and while my back was turned, my cousin sam made this out of the leftover fondant. she always adds new zealand cuz she lived there for 5 months. i later added a flag to signify where we were lol


030-365. day two of weird things

exhibit b: 'love' made out of a ceiling fan pull.


029-365. music is the glue of the world...

sometimes i make weird things look like other weird things. today and tomorrow and maybe the day after that, i will show you examples lol exhibit a: treble clef out of a shoelace. no clue where it came from!


027-365. ten thousand children...

made these tonight for my sister's company to sell. don't have the specifics on how we will donate the money, but it doesn't matter as long as it gets there, right? i might take them down to the local ice cream shop to sell as well. we will see how today goes!


026-365. sucre!!!

i've been pretty sentimental lately. i was looking through my pictures, and found this one. of yellow watermelon. the sweetest watermelon i've probably ever had in life! that was such a great trip...

taken at pike's place market in seattle, wa.


025-365. nous sommes finis!

finally finished this book today. it's taken me way longer than any other cool i've read recently. this book has been, at times, extremely slow which in turn made me put it on the back burner. but in the last few pages, i found myself relating to kathleen as a culinary student in her last days and i cried because i miss it so much. this book also inspired me to start my own book, one i have been meaning to write since i started at le cordon bleu. :)


024-365. let's go surfin now, everybody's learnin how...

taken in half moon bay, ca on main street. so amazing.


023-365. sittin on the dock of the bay...

happy golden birthday to my cousin, samantha paige!!! the big 23. i love her a crapload. this is us in new orleans at mona lisa :)


022-365. sometimes you feel like a nut...

i met up with my friend, stef, and her family tonight for her uncle's birthday celebration. apparently he loves asian buffets! lol anyway, almost everytime my friend, tara, texts...i try to respond with what i'm doing. i sent her this one this time :)


021-365. just give him a bite...

elias loves to lick the paddle, bowl, spoon. that's his mom behind him on the phone, allowing all of this before dinner. i think it's because she was my previous garbage disposal growing up.


020-365. it's raining, it's pouuuuuuuuuuring!

it rained all day today! i love the rain. i love jumping in puddles. i love how everything smells after it rains. i like gray skies. fun!


019-365. squeaky clean...

the thing i like about this picture, besides clean pores, is the contrast of the room i'm in (my bathroom lol) and my bedroom. OMG run on sentence much? i wish i could read your posts and comment on them. in due time!


018-365. Live high...

meet camryn and elias. took em around target last night and they silently stared at the ceiling. i wish i was a kid again!


017-365. we are the champions...

sat in the press box at the st. mary's/portland game. such sloppy basketball being played. but i always have fun. i felt like i should have had a notebook or laptop in front of me to look legit lol sorry this isn't formatted btw. our internet went out and i don't really have a computer now anyways. so most of my posts from now on will be from my phone :)


016-365. mirror mirror on the wall...

i haven't had a full length mirror in my room in years....more than ten. my friend, al, moved in and we're sorta sharing a room right now. he brought his mirror, and it catches the weirdest reflections. it's been placed in a bunch of different spots already. we can't figure out where to put it! oh...AND we're getting bunkbeds!!!


015-365. don't know what you got..

til it's gone!

my mom called me saying her car was dead. so i went to jump her car and in turn, killed my own car. so my friend, al, came and saved both of us. that. sucked.

still really feeling uneasy about haiti.


014-365. the purpose of life...

...is a life of purpose.

sophie, my longtime friend. she worked at disney world while i interned at the same restaurant. (note quasimodo behind us lol) she's a beautiful haitian girl, as you can tell by her looks, and if you were to meet her, her lovely accent.

i texted her yesterday because i know she has a ton of family in port au-prince, where she's originally from and also where the earthquake hit. it was heartbreaking getting a text back saying she didn't know if they were alive and how hard it was dealing with everything.

i wish i could help her and everyone over there. i feel like i'm doing nothing, but giving money. and it feels like...not enough.

i want to be on this plane.


013-365. i'm that one curly fry in the box of the regular...

i went to a place, the pub, near ghirardelli square the other night with my family and they had these adorable condiments there. i love things that aren't normal size!!


012-365. it's a family affair...

these are my siblings/cousins: akira (brother), mikaela (sister), jechane (sister), me (me), derek (cousin) sitting in the chair, cameron (cousin) standing behind him, jeryl (cousin) going CRAZY in front of her brother lol, and last BUT NOT LEAST!! my cousin, samantha! boy was that a mouthful!!!
glad i got to introduce them to you :)


011-365. to see the good through the murky window...

is all that one can ask for, right?
this actually turned out way more clear than i expected. the window i was taking pictures through was super dirty!
ps. just made the deadline!
taken on market street in san francisco, california


010-365. well it kind of hurts when the words...

you write kind of turn themselves into knives.
last night at my friend, al's, birthday dinner...i received a fortune, "someone will soon receive a letter from you." and then tonight, i was asked to write a letter.
anyway, this picture is part of my journal...i use smiley faces a lot.
life is weird.
oh and i totally missed a day of posting! lame!

i fixed the date! lol


009-365. darlin', we're both scared...

but where love is, fear won't tread...

today is my friend, jake's birthday. we took this picture with the very last ever of my polaroid film the last time i saw him. we were in my car, and he saw the polaroid camera and started taking random pictures. my last polaroids are of a drunk raymond, and i. the last one though, this one, jake said, "ok, now you and me." as soon as he pressed the button, i said, "that's gonna be the perfect photo." after he shook it, he looked and said, "it IS! WOW we look really good."
i replied, "hell yeah, we look hella cute." jake agreed, and told me he was keepin it. i told him there was no way in hell, that it was goin in my visor. he then proceeded to stuff it down his pants. and to distract me, told me my left boob was about to pop out. haahaha aw i miss him!

happy birthday, jacob :)


008-365. just a dash of kisses...

to make it all complete. and that's the recipe for makin love!

this is gonna be a multi-picture post...i'm gonna take you on my journey through making my friend, amber's, birthday cake! she asked for "funfetti with white frosting" and that just wasn't acceptable. my friend, austin, suggested that i color the cake. i was just gonna color the frosting. she's a genius! lol

1. make batter for any vanilla/yellow/ light colored cake you want. separate batter into however many colors you decide. you can essentially make as many colors are you want, but i've found that less is better or colors will start too blend too much. dollop spoonfuls of different colors as shown.

2. take a spoon, knife or offset spatula, and run it around the pan making fun swirlies! throw it in the oven and bake it off!

3. i cut the top off so you could see the inside of the cake. cut edges off if they are too brown. i always trim my cakes, and put em in a bowl for my family to munch on.

4. i made two cakes, and filled it with white icing for contrast. what you see here is basically the same idea, but with icing.

5. but you can't really swirl icing, you gotta smear it! i felt like picasso

6. i used a few different sized pastry tips (both ends) to make different sized circles for the sides, and a mickey mouse tupperware to make the mickey head. lol i have carpal tunnel, so i don't pipe as much as i would like; fondant circles will do for now. i don't do any of this as often as i want and i always have someone do the dirty work lol. i wish my hands didn't fail me :/
i friggin love baking.
the end!


007-365. the butterflies in my stomach...

keep my feet off of the ground...
taken on magazine street in new orleans, louisiana


006-365. lemme tell you one time...

i made that birthday cake for my sister, mikaela's, 12th birthday. we are exactly 12 years and 1 day apart. i was my mom's labor and delivery coach when she was born. if you do the math, that would make me 24, and her the age i was when she was born. too weird. she loves justin bieber (hence the title of this post), which i guess would be equivalent to my hanson in those days. i love her.
oh, and i love that book :)


005-365. sweet pea, apple of my eye...

you're the only reason i keep on comin home...
that's my favorite blanket. it's made of the filler from my dad's old sleeping bag. my grandma was a seamstress...and a badass with a sewing machine!


004-365. everybody's lookin for a blue sky

searching for an answer on a satellite...
i love this picture so much that i searched for it, then stayed up until it was the fourth so i could post it.
taken at the olympic game farm in sequim, washington


003-365. three little birds

pitch by my doorstep
singin sweet songs of melodies pure and true
sayin "this is my message to you"
don't worry about a thing!
can you find bob on my wall? ;)


002-365. i am many things, but the things i lack

Quality over quantity, sleep is always in short supply.