058-365. mon cousine favorite

i talked to my cousin, samantha, tonight on skype for the first time in almost three years. it's been that long since we were on different continents for a long period of time. to clarify, she is the one who goes to different countries. i go to different states. lol currently, she is in frankfurt, germany. she was just offered an internship at a huge ad agency, actually, so she is stayin there for a while! sucre!

i miss her sooooooooooooooo much and although i know she is having a good time over there...i wish we could hang out. it's purely for selfish reasons. lol sometimes i feel like she is so far away...and she is. but she's never felt so far before. i don't know how explain it. last night, i didn't feel as alone as i normally do these days.

anyway, i think technology is so amazing...but i also think it is important to stick to the basics. so i suggested that we write letters. we're both trying to learn different languages (her- german [bien sur] and me- french) so i also suggested we practice on each other. more difficult than you would imagine. way more. but it makes for an interesting time trying to translate :) it's fun so far, i just hope i start to absorb something at some point.

so, mon cousine favorite...

S'il vous plaît ne vous inquiétez pas pour moi. c'est la vie! tu me toujours manques et je t'aime!

we will be sitting on the dock of the bay together again one day! til then!

ps. she actually requested i go to the cowboy template. silly girl.

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