080-365. lovely lovelace

tonight, i got to talk to my good friend, heather d. lovelace, on aim. i haven't talked to her in such a long time on there! i miss it. she's fun and i love her. :)

i miss random ass conversations like that. the ones you can only share with friends that you've known for years, and it just doesn't matter how important or relevant the subject is...just the fact that you guys get to talk. or at least that's how i feel about it. lol

i love talking to lovelace and sharing things with her because she always listens.

tonight, she shared lots of news and lots of youtube videos lol i.e. elmo prank calls the pharmacy.

friggin hilarious, and made me laugh really hard. and like, out loud. no one ACTUALLY lol's anymore, even though they say it all the time. i know i don't anyway! but i laughed tonight, and i needed to laugh tonight :)

so thanks, lovelace! :) good talking to you as always!

ps. oh the picture of the day! ialmostforgot.

a picture of my status from tonight :) look how fast that ho replied! lol!

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