006-365. lemme tell you one time...

i made that birthday cake for my sister, mikaela's, 12th birthday. we are exactly 12 years and 1 day apart. i was my mom's labor and delivery coach when she was born. if you do the math, that would make me 24, and her the age i was when she was born. too weird. she loves justin bieber (hence the title of this post), which i guess would be equivalent to my hanson in those days. i love her.
oh, and i love that book :)


  1. oooh is that chocolate ganache icing?

  2. it is! and on the sides is chocolate whipped cream :)

  3. that birthday cake is amazing. can we please make a cake when i come visit?

  4. stepho- duhhhhhhh!!

    amina- thanks! i didn't eat it, but everyone else liked it i guess! :)