009-365. darlin', we're both scared...

but where love is, fear won't tread...

today is my friend, jake's birthday. we took this picture with the very last ever of my polaroid film the last time i saw him. we were in my car, and he saw the polaroid camera and started taking random pictures. my last polaroids are of a drunk raymond, and i. the last one though, this one, jake said, "ok, now you and me." as soon as he pressed the button, i said, "that's gonna be the perfect photo." after he shook it, he looked and said, "it IS! WOW we look really good."
i replied, "hell yeah, we look hella cute." jake agreed, and told me he was keepin it. i told him there was no way in hell, that it was goin in my visor. he then proceeded to stuff it down his pants. and to distract me, told me my left boob was about to pop out. haahaha aw i miss him!

happy birthday, jacob :)

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