008-365. just a dash of kisses...

to make it all complete. and that's the recipe for makin love!

this is gonna be a multi-picture post...i'm gonna take you on my journey through making my friend, amber's, birthday cake! she asked for "funfetti with white frosting" and that just wasn't acceptable. my friend, austin, suggested that i color the cake. i was just gonna color the frosting. she's a genius! lol

1. make batter for any vanilla/yellow/ light colored cake you want. separate batter into however many colors you decide. you can essentially make as many colors are you want, but i've found that less is better or colors will start too blend too much. dollop spoonfuls of different colors as shown.

2. take a spoon, knife or offset spatula, and run it around the pan making fun swirlies! throw it in the oven and bake it off!

3. i cut the top off so you could see the inside of the cake. cut edges off if they are too brown. i always trim my cakes, and put em in a bowl for my family to munch on.

4. i made two cakes, and filled it with white icing for contrast. what you see here is basically the same idea, but with icing.

5. but you can't really swirl icing, you gotta smear it! i felt like picasso

6. i used a few different sized pastry tips (both ends) to make different sized circles for the sides, and a mickey mouse tupperware to make the mickey head. lol i have carpal tunnel, so i don't pipe as much as i would like; fondant circles will do for now. i don't do any of this as often as i want and i always have someone do the dirty work lol. i wish my hands didn't fail me :/
i friggin love baking.
the end!


  1. this looks delicious. i would like to make this immediately.

  2. I love to bake so I LOVE this post.

  3. um yeah it's official when I come down we are having a cake making party. DONE.

  4. lol do you watch food network? we recently did a "food network challenge" with cakes at home. six people, six cakes, a million possibilities. we should set something up! :)